I liked him. Thought he was cool!

Pity he is no longer practising. Admittedly I felt like 'lamb sent to slaughter'- relative to his seemingly harsh methods; however in one hour he was able to touch on wounds that were hidden....perhaps even from myself. So deeply embedded that, evidently, over a decade of talking with different so called 'professionals' was clearly a waste. I don't mind his cool demeanour and seeming lack of empathy.

He cuts to the core! As swiftly and sharp his 'blows' did feel, I was inspired by the ability to feel anything at all. Impressive. I snapped at him for probing me too far.

I found some questions inappropriate and irrelevant. He didn't seem to mind my reaction. He can take it! Speak your mind with him freely.

Don't be intimidated, he's down to earth and not that scary. Also do not lie to him. He is a walking lie detector. I trust he is a magician for that alone.

For those of you whom have gone out of your way to afford us all the horrifying reviews I discovered after our meeting; I can understand how Dr. Doherty's methods might seem brutal.... to which I say, too harsh! Collectively he was slandered to such that I was disturbed having read all that.

Glad I did not read it before attending. Cut the man a break, he deals with liars and insane people most frequently. What a shitty job, not to mention the parasitic insurance companies. He's not that bad.

I went alone. His office was lovely. Stunning Feng shui with lot's of sunlight. Tasteful decore- ambient!

Immaculate and peaceful. Surroundings are a reflections of what resides within. I love my feng shui. His office was even in the abundance corner.

Was comfortable. His reception staff positively lovely. Stunning pot plants all over the place. Everything clean and tidy.

A kind greeting by him, was told I could sit anywhere. I was invited to address him by his first name, suggesting to me immediately he is not afflicted with the 'God Complex'... My appointment was lucky last and he was nice enough to me. I imagine the tail end of anyone's work day would be tiresome.

Fancy how exhausted he must have been, listening to people offload on him all day for IME reports. How tedious and boring! I am no genius but I believe Peter to be highly highly intelligent and am doubtful he would suffer fools with the tolerance of an average mind. This does not make him a monster in my view.

In him I was able to detect a harsh yet experienced critic YES indeed.... but also a father... and he was impartial. It was disappointing that Peter is no longer practising, I would have liked a session with him later down the track.

something told me he would make a better Dr. than report writer. I don't believe he is guilty of anything but being good at his job. People can be too quick to judge especially if triggered.

Myself included. If you are a weak person, perhaps take a friend. This man may not be for the faint hearted.

If you are independent and resilient with nothing of relevance to hide then you have nothing to worry about. Hope this helps

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Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Anyone who wants to know what the police knew is sus. Anyone who whips up fairytales in a blithering ramblinng diatribe for the purpose of discrediting witnesses is going to be very very informative about exactly what his paying client is frightened will come out.


The Ombudsman's email on her file C 15 12800 clearly says they thought there was so much corrupt conduct that the case should be examined by anti corruption experts. Eileen Decker was a director of US national security cases like the one she prosecuted the CBA's Keith Hunter for after Dr Doherty went ahead with what the staff said they wanted no part of.


He really does pluck things out of the air


If he's not practising why does his office say he does?

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